Condition is "Used". 65 $71.95 $71.95 The first troops to receive the M3?s were the Airborne. The knife was made by the PAL Blade & Tool Co and has a parkerized finish. The M3 Fighting Knife -- also called the M-3 Trench Knife -- had a 6.75 inch spear point blade with sharpened 3.5 inch false edge, a handle made of compressed, stacked leather washers with 6 or 8 grooves, and a steel crossguard and pommel. Shop Now. Boker Plus 02BO1943 M3 Trench Knife. Soldier during World War II who was not equipped with a bayonet ? The Kabar, on the other hand, is a good all around utility knife. Aerial (Aerial Cutlery Mfg. The Knife You Need when you need a knife. us wwii m3 trench knife, x/guard is hm “us/m3/utica”, ref 1/iii/97/23, knife has been reblued and the leather washer grip has been replaced by our guy, it’s still a great looking m3, c/w it’s first pattern m8 scabbard, if your not pleased with it, i’ll pay the return postage, vg+ overall. Argocoins accepts all major credit cards and … Home Forums > Knife Specific Discussion > General Knife Discussion > Boker VS Ontario M3 Trench Knives Discussion in ' General Knife Discussion ' started by Crazyotter , Aug 3, 2010 . In excess of 2.5 million were manufactured between 1943 and 1945 The M3 Fighting Knife, also known as the M-3 Trench Knife was a design that was produced to be issued to US forces that were unable to utilise a rifle bayonet.They were issued to troops using Thompson, M1 Carbines, BARs and other support weapons. The blade measures 6 3/4”. The Mark I trench knife is an American trench knife designed by officers of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) for use in World War I.It has a 6.75 in (17.1 cm) double-edged dagger blade useful for both thrusting and slashing strokes, unlike previous U.S. trench knives such as the M1917 and M1918. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, hasta 9 fabricantes diferentes fabricaron el M3 (Trench Knife). Shop Now. This American WW2 era Imperial M3 Trench Knife/ fighting knife and its original M8A1 scabbard have not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, this M3 ser is in 100% original “as is” condition. But it had already been officially replaced by the M4 bayonet-knife in the Spring of 1944. M3 Fighting Knife Description. The blade stamped font matches other Camillus M3’s I’ve seen and the quality of … I believe these were generally handed out to soldiers who carried the M1 carbine, trench guns and some other long arms that didn't have a bayonet. This full tang fixed blade is 1/8" thick and features a SK-5 carbon steel guard and pommel. 1 mint U.S. WW2 IMPERIAL blade-marked M3 trench fighting knife available. This U.S. WW2 edged weapon would make an important addition to any collection. usually ships out within 7-10 days (1) Add to Wish List. KINFOLKS M3 TRENCH KNIFE - M6293. Originally designed in 1943, the M3 trench knife was a fighting knife issued to soldiers otherwise unequipped with a bayonet. 5 out of 5 stars (1,031) 1,031 reviews £ 135.31. The knife is a blade marked Robeson, and the scabbard was produced by L&C(Lyon & Coulson). The handle is the 8 groove leather washer type. SHTF Paracord Survival Kit With Carabiner - 20 Pieces. This can be worn on the trouser or pistol belt, or attached to the leg with a utility strap. Böker Plus M3 Trench Knife. WW II Army M3 Trench Knife with USM8 Sheath Scabbard BM Co doyourememberwhen. Since 1924, Old Hickory Home & Garden. It does not have a provision to fit on any rifle. Quick shipping worldwi U S M3 TRENCH KNIFE - M1964. usually ships out within 7-10 days (0) Add to Wish List. The Boker Plus M3 Trench Knife features a 6.75" SK-5 carbon steel dagger with a black coated finish and stacked leather handles. The M3 was originally designated for issue to soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet. Big bucks spent. WWII US M3 Trench Knife and US M8 Scabbard. Featuring a razor-sharp, bayonet-style point alongside sharpened edges, the M3 was suitable for both stabbing and slashing motions. BUY NOW. soldiers with pistols, submachine guns, light and heavy machine guns, etc. Soldier during World War II who was not equipped with a bayonet ? Perfect shape. $31.45. CAMILLUS M3 Trench Knife. Using the drop down menus, choose from a variety of knife and scabbard models. M3 Engraved marking M3 Boker Engraved markings has the biggest companies in the world of knives in order to serve every need in the nature of activities and travel is an ideal test site and acquire knowledge. US M3 Trench Knife, initially issued to troops armed with M1 Carbines in lieu of bayonets. The original intent of the M3 was to arm all soldier with a knife who wouldn't normally be issued a bayonet. Mountain Ranger and … Tactical. SCABBARD, TRENCH KNIFE, M6 Adopted by the US Army early in 1943 it was produced from March of that year until July 1944. Among nine manufacturers, H.Boker & Co., the U.S. subsidary of Boker, Solingen, also produced 31,300 of these knives. Ww2 case us m3 trench knife .. With knife case. Operating System(s): Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X. Download. Popular Products. This has the early M8 scabbard. The pommel only has one pin and the leather handle is smaller than an M4 and M2 that I have. Add to Cart. From shop doyourememberwhen. BUY NOW. Its sturdy construction also makes it no slouch as a heavy duty field knife. Boker. These are the actual photos. M3 Trench Knife with Scabbard. soldiers with pistols, submachine guns, light and heavy machine guns, etc. Co.) – 51,784 Boker (H. Boker & Co.) – 31,300 $495.00. Quick View. Combat Commander Trench Knife - 1065 High Carbon Steel Blade. Robeson made knives are the second rarest of the M3 trench knife … The new Boker M3 Reproduction M3 Fantasy Knife M3 Ontario with guard upside down . This is a really bad fake stamping on an M4 bayonet. $95.00. It is NOT a good utility knife, due mostly to the fact that its blade is designed to stab, not to slice or chop. A small snippet of information: While the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife (Commando Dagger) may have been the most famous fighting knife produced by the British during WWII, the British SAS quickly adopted the American made M3 trench knife as their EDC fighter because it was a much better quality and more robust fighting knife. The M3 Trench Knife was designed in 1943 to be issued to all U.S. soldiers in World War II that did not need a bayonet. The Ontario M3 Trench Knife is a worthy addition to any WWII knife collection. The Robeson Cutlery Company only produced 36,575 M3 knives during their production run, or about 1.4% of the total production of the knives. Designed in 1943, the M3 Trench Knife was intended to be used by any U.S. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. As a result, many were issued to Airborne and Ranger troops. It's 11.75" overall and weighs 8.36oz. The first troops to receive the M3?s were the Airborne. m3 trench knife with a blade of 8 inches and a handle of 5 inches with a leather stacked handle with carbon fiber spacers and a Damascus bolster pummel Hunting knives, folding knives, tactical knives, kitchen knives, survival knives, fishing knives and more. $52.45. M3-Trench Knife by panko 3D Models • Props • 2022 downloads • Sponsor: Pankoland. add to cart Shop Now. Recently purchased a Camillus M3 (blade stamped) Trench Knife (eBay) and I am pretty sure it is a reproduction. Designed in 1943, the M3 Trench Knife was intended to be used by any U.S. Previous Next . More than 2000 different knives and accessories at stock in MyGoodKnife. Shop Now. Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Survival Knife 5" Sawback Blade with False Top Edge and Blood Grooves, Natural Leather Handle and Sheath - 6150 4.5 out of 5 stars 953 $50.65 $ 50 . Mountain Ranger and … The M3 fighting knife or M3 trench knife was an American military combat knife first issued in March 1943. KNIFE, TRENCH, M3. Buy ONTARIO ON8155 for $80.15 - Ontario WWII M3 Trench Knife Fixed 6.875 inch Blade, Leather Handle, Leather Sheath at KnifeCenter Ontario Mark III Trench Knife, Ontario Model Number 8155 Mark III Trench Knife is used by US Armed Forces. As with many handy items, these were quickly acquired by thousands of soldiers regardless of what weapon they carried. Quick View. The handle is made of cast bronze and uses a conical steel nut to hold the blade in place. Vintage Reproduction. Just a clone M3 made for the market, not really hard to tell the difference in this one from the real thing. This is NOT a bayonet. Buy Böker knife. It is sure to find a home with both reenactors and collectors alike. Color your kitchen with Chromatics Home & Garden. This M3 trench knife measures 11 5/8” overall. RAT Folder Series Folders. It joins my Kabar Marine Fighting Knife and my M4 Camillus Bayonet and its quality is on par with both. Quick view. The M3 is a good combat knife. The pommel has the flaming bomb mark. Modern made Case M3 with a bad stamping. Aged scabbards and Ontario M3's are extra cost.

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