Your tent should have mesh windows on the ceiling, walls, and above or around the doors. Spacious enough to fit 3 queen size air mattresses comfortably, WeatherTec system with welded corners and inverted seams, Extended door awning to keep gear and equipment dry and off the tent floor, Fast set up and easy-transport carry bag included. Unlike really expensive tents, however, the Mountain Trails Grand Pass can be had for less than 150 bucks. They are useful if you’re unsure about the severity of the weather and can help keep in the heat when the temperature drops, which is especially useful overnight. A: Any decent tent will be sufficiently waterproof already, but it never hurts to treat it with some waterproof spray or accessories for your peace of mind. Can accommodate 3 queen sized air mattresses without batting an eye. Ceiling vents are also important for tents you plan to use in hot weather. It’s the poles after all that keep large tents upright, that absorb the wind and stand up to the sometimes pounding rain. Graham's Get-Away by Mt. Whereas a family might opt for the Himalaya Yurt tent for their summer vacation, a serious mountaineer would be more likely to choose something like the Mountain Hardware EV2. 2-Person Dome Tent- Rain Fly & Carry Bag- Easy Set Up-Great for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking & Out… Reviews - As we said, we didn’t have time to check out every tent ourselves, so we relied on the wonders of reviews from hardened campers with large families and lots of friends to tell us everything we needed to know. A full 6 1/2 feet of headroom at the center of the dome. It’s deceivingly larger than what the pictures suggest, which is always a bonus but is still something to consider before purchasing. This design is typically attractive to folks who like to hang around the campsite and relax and not just use it as a base of operations. This 3rd entry from Coleman is every bit as reliable as their 2 tents we profiled earlier and it might just have the best looking design of all of them. The Tent Doors – How you enter and exit large tents is fundamental to your enjoyment of them. If you’re a serious camper and want a functional, spacious tent along with around $5000 to spend then why not pick this option? For more information visit the campground reservations page. Ozark Trail 12-Person 20×18 Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room. The North Face 2-Meter Dome 8-Person Tent, Mountain Trails 10-Person Large Camping Tent. This Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent is the perfect definition of Big Tents for Camping, the tent is large enough… Big 5 Sporting Goods gets you ready for the outdoors! The custom fabric construction, which is more reliable and durable than canvas, is also resistant to mildew and condensation, ensuring excellent comfort and breathability. There’s also a built-in room divider which transforms the interior from a large individual space to a multi-room tent to give yourself some privacy when you’re getting changed and sleeping. These windows are made of clear plastic and usually have roll-down covers on either the outside or interior which you can use at night for extra privacy. value from Coleman. Materials – There are a number of materials that go into the making of high quality tents today, these include: Canvas: The classic tent material canvas is still used on tents intended for outdoor functions like graduations or weddings. If you have friends and family who all love to camp, a large camping tent is often better than each person or group bringing their own - especially in terms of cost, weight, and convenience. It’s as easy to take down as it is to erect, too, with a straightforward and stress-free Stow-n-Go duffel carry system that helps you get on your way in a matter of minutes when it’s time to head back to reality. Floor comprised of seamless polyurethane infused with anti-fungal properties. Materials - Any decent tent will have waterproof materials, but some will be more waterproof than others. It’s also really effective at separating you from the elements when that’s important and letting you feel connected to your surroundings when the weather is fine. Full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on tents materials and workmanship. Shop Camping & Hiking Gear for packs & bags, tents, sleeping, backpacking gear, stoves & grills and more. The door is made for adults to walk through and once inside you have the option of deploying a removable divider to create private spaces for kids or couples. Slumberjack Trail. One of those large tents you can snap together easily by yourself once you get the hang of it. A nice feature that takes some of the awkwardness out of the family camping experience. The kids want privacy and often balk at the notion of sharing tents with mom and dad. While it’s basically waterproof you’ll still need a ground sheet under it. The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person tent is a great example. There’s enough space inside for 3 air mattresses, and you can amplify your floor space with the gear loft and lantern hook, keeping bags and similar accessories off the floor. With features on some models like optional, extra-large … If you’re still not convinced, the exterior windows allow you to check out your surrounding, which depending on where you set up camp may be worth the money. Good size room vents allow heat to escape on those hot summer nights allowing you a more comfortable night’s sleep. It’s quick to set up – taking around 20 minutes the first time and only half of that once you’ve got an idea of which poles fit where and comes with a convenient carry bag for simple transportation. Each of the “end” rooms have their own door for even greater levels of privacy. Also, while the layout is basically a standard rectangle the stylishly designed rainfly gives it a unique and appealing profile. Capable of housing a crowd of 12 people, there’s more space than you’ll ever need, and it can function as a refuge for not-so-happy campers or merely a pop-up workshop to help you stay out of the blistering heat. We are planning a trip from LA to Seattle on the coastal highway. A truly expansive interior nearly 18 feet across and 6’ 8” at its highest. That being said, some extremely good tents may be a little out of the budget for some (but not all) of you. Camping Limits. You would be hard pressed to find any tents that are made entirely of polyethylene almost entirely because of the weight and the fact that the fabric doesn’t look so great after it’s been folded and refolded a number of times. There are plenty of windows to provide cross ventilation and the door is large enough to make going and coming easy as pie. Another of Coleman’s outstanding large tents, the 8 person Instant Tent is a more or less cubicle layout with copious screening for maximum airflow. Windows - While tents don’t really get dark during the day, windows are useful for checking on the weather, admiring the scenery, and being able to find and contact people easily. The NTK Laredo GT 15 Foot Sport Large Camping Tent is another of those tents that is deceptively big. 8 Person Coleman Instant Tent. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Large Camping Tent, 3 If the tent you select is low on windows check to see if it has camping lantern hooks sewn into the roof to get a bit more light in. They should also be affordable. The fourth and final of the Coleman tents on our list, the 8 Person Red Canyon Tent, is another outstanding value from Coleman. You’ll need some ventilation to make sure there is no build-up of harmful gasses, so keeping one of the tent doors open slightly is a good idea. Tents which were poorly constructed with unsatisfactory materials don’t cut it, so we only picked tents that boasted excellent quality to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises when you go out into the wilderness. Tent Doors - You can expect a huge camping tent to have 2 or 3 doors at the least, which makes it easy for people to move in and out while also giving you the chance to place and remove air mattresses. If you have teens who would like a bit of privacy the tent comes with optional dividers so you can create separate rooms inside. You may be put off by the price (we weren’t sure we were seeing it right at first, either), but this only solidifies its quality, and the tent has a chimney vent that regulates temperature and reduces condensation when you’re waiting to head off at base camp. It simply incorporates these elements in an intelligent way that’s squarely in the service of providing you a roomier, more comfortable camping survival experience. $419.99 New. If you’re going to put 8 people in this tent, 5 of them better be kids. Obviously, if you’re looking for tents that will help you scale Everest you’ll want to go with something fashioned from serious hi-tech, hybrid materials. Extra-large camping tents are big enough to set up chairs inside and play some games while you wait out the rain. The Yurt tent is a favorite of our review panel primarily because the round floorplan allows everyone to focus toward a common point and that helps promote communication and fun while minimizing all the stepping over of others you typically have to do if you’re at the end of a rectangular tent and you need to go out to the bathroom at night. These brands have typically been in the game for a long time and so have perfected the art of the perfect tent, making all the considerations necessary to ensure you enjoy your camping trip. The Mountain Trails Grand Pass has one of the largest footprints of any of the tents we’ve reviewed here: a full 18 x 10 feet or 180 square feet. Polyester: Polyester is nearly identical to nylon except that it is better at resisting UV damage. As such you can imagine they might know a thing or two about rain protection as well as ventilation. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe Large Camping Tent, 5 Large front awning provides a camping porch for end-of-day relaxation and weather protection, Mesh roof vents for ventilation and air flow, 3 season design for versatile camping options, Gear loft to prevent possessions getting damaged. At less than $200 it’s also an excellent deal. There’s no set standard, but ensure there’s enough space to comfortably place a mattress and any bags you may have. The extended door awning allows you to keep gear and luggage, so you can resolve this small space issue easily. We would never encourage anyone to purchase such a tent because they’d just be asking for an unpleasant experience. Sold and shipped by VM Express. The walls are comprised of a thick layer of WeatherTec waterproof material. Big 5 Sporting Goods gets you ready for the Outdoors! Family size tents are a must-have for generational lovers of the great outdoors and this Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent is an excellent option to inspire the love of the woods in your kids and convince your partner that roughing it isn’t all bad. The welded polyethylene floor keeps you nice and dry even when you set up on damp ground. The Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent occupies a space somewhere between a bare bones tent and a deluxe tent. These walls may not keep out the dulcet tones of your aunt’s snoring, though, but hopefully, the sounds of nature will drown that out. You’ll get a great view though the oversized screen windows while keeping the bugs outside where they belong. If you have teenage kids, you know that family camping outings can be a bit of a challenge. Durable, watertight, and breathable Hydra-Shield construction, Dual large D-shaped doors for multiple access points, Two tunnel flow vents to regulate air flow and temperature, Four large windows that maintain privacy with no-see-um mesh panels. If your tent is made of nylon instead of polyester it may come with a recommendation that you pitch it in a shaded area for this reason to keep the sun off your sleeping bag. This tent is anti-condensation and encourages airflow for comfort wherever you pitch it. Ventilation of course is primarily supplied by mesh windows and so you’ll want a tent that has plenty of window acreage in order to keep the air flowing. The tent stakes, while conveniently color coded are not made of particularly strong metal. Whether you actually want to try and fit 8 adults in here is pretty much irrelevant. I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 3Core 9 Person Extended Dome Large Camping Tent, 4NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Large Camping Tent, 5Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Large Camping Tent, The NTK Laredo GT 15 Foot Sport Large Camping Tent, The Ozark Trail 10 Person, 3 Room Family tent. However, you’re typically looking at anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. $189.99 reg $262.99. Sleeping Capacity - Extra large camping tents typically have enough room for at least 8 people but you should still consider where they will sleep. Our final pick is one of the finest tents for those who love to test their mettle in the most extreme conditions in the world. At its loftiest the Instant tent is nearly 6 1/2 feet high and there’s space inside to easily accommodate a couple of queen sized air mattresses. Simple enough for a single person to setup and take down. The Mountain Trails Grand Pass looks like a really expensive tent and it’s durable and easy to set up like really expensive tents. Most tent materials are easy enough to clean, and it will save the tent smelling a little gross the next time you take a trip. This is made possible with the two tunnel-flow vents that regulate the airflow and the temperature, so you’ll be comfortable whatever the weather’s like on the other side. There’s also a gear loft, which helps with storage and the reliable zippers ensure further security from mysterious mountain men, rogue wildlife, or just nosy camping neighbors. For everyone else though it provides the high-quality camping environment you want, privacy (if that’s important) and it won’t drain your bank account to buy it. Shape – While most large tents today are rectangular in shape there are a few exceptions to the rule. For less than $200 this is an outstanding value that you’ll wind up using for years and will be the launching pad for innumerable fond memories. It wouldn’t be a list of the best large camping tents without including this mammoth – if a little pricey – option from The North Face, whose 2-Meter Dome 8-Person Tent is an excellent option for truly, really, deeply serious campers who love to explore the more extreme areas of our beautiful planet. You can use them to keep valuables and other necessities in during the night while also having things you’ll likely need readily available instead of searching through your bag and holding everybody up. Shape - The shape of the tent determines where it will fit. 10 Person Ozark Family Cabin Tent. It’s a cavernous 6’ 8” at center so it will accommodate anyone in your party and the dormer style windows make for excellent cross ventilation. But that’s a minor quibble when talking about one of the best large tents on the market. It’s a great looking tent; sleek, aerodynamic and thoroughly modern with plenty of stays to keep it firmly on the ground when the wind picks up and plenty of headroom at the midpoint of the dome. Moving on, the WeatherTec system ensures all corners and seams are secure, protecting you from waking up confused and floating, maybe feeling a little seasick. Freestanding. The venting system is surprisingly effective at keeping the tent atmosphere feeling fresh even when the tent is full and the windows are zipped over. Despite not having room for 10 people, there’s still enough to fit 8, and the interior has enough space to fit 3 queen mattresses, although there may not be as much space for bags and similar equipment. A: While the exact setup time will vary from tent to tent, most of the higher quality large tents can be set up by 2 or 3 people in about 10 minutes. The shape doesn’t always matter, but if you’re camping somewhere with limited space or a place which is narrow, keep the shape in mind before deciding where to pitch the tent. Strong poles and material able to withstand snow and wind, Custom fabric prevents condensation and improves comfort, Attachable floor and extended all-weather cover for maximum protection. Lotus Belle This protects them from damp, but only if damp would be a problem – hint: it won’t be. A 10 person tent can get a tad stuffy though, so it’s a good job the large mesh roof ensures comfortable ventilation to prevent that always-ominous cabin fever and keeping your camping trip looking more like a Disney movie than some low-budget slasher film. Large tents are normally taller than 2-3 person camping tents. It is more expensive than your average tent (although it’s not the most expensive option), and you’re unlikely to carry it on your back through the wilderness. This is a great tent for long weekends at the State Park or vacations at the shore and the firm stance and intelligent engineering ensure it will stand up to whatever Mother Nature has in store. That and the fact that it’s really heavy to tote about. Instead, if you don’t have enough right now to get one of the tents on this list continue saving until you do. The Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is an awesome, easy to set up option that won’t set you back too much, meaning there’s more cash left to spend on sweet, sweet BBQ food and booze. The Cube is also the most lightweight tent we’ve found, weighing in at a mere 14 pounds, so there’ll be no excuses from your supposedly tough sons as they’re asked nicely to carry it to base. The North Face 2-Meter Dome 8-Person Tent, 8 Browning Camping Big Horn Two-Room Tent, 11 The zippers can be a bit delicate so you’d be wise to treat them gently. Or, maybe not, maybe you guys have fonder camping memories than we do…, Full coverage fly ensures maximum weather protection in all conditions, Capable of fitting 3 queen air mattresses with room to spare, Center and side doors provide privacy options. Is the shape and size of the tent capable of fitting in a camping table, chairs, coolers or even storage? That would be a problem if you had to haul your setup everywhere—but that’s the beauty of car camping. They’re not going to take the family into the woods with an axe in the dead of winter. While it may seem like a tent is a tent is a tent, that’s not really the case as we just alluded to. There are a lot of lightweight tents out there, but none of them provide this level of protection at this price. There are tents available for half what you’ll pay for the Grand Pass that are legitimately “cheap” tents made of cheap materials with cheap zippers, no rainfly, and leaky seams. Shell is composed of water-repellent polyester to keep you dry when the weather is not cooperating. And as if all of the above wasn’t enough you can have this for about the price of dinner for 2 in a fancy restaurant. Rain Fly - The rain fly is an extra level of protection against the weather and fits over the top of your tent. Hinged door for easy access and egress. You may need to train them to zip up after themselves though. Both have copious amounts of internal space, are relatively easy to assemble and take down and are never intimidated by the weather. The Rainfly – The rainfly doesn’t sound like much but it can make the difference between a fun camping experience and a disaster. If you plan to carry this in your backpack think again. The Cube comes with heavy duty hooks that are specially designed to keep everything upright while the water- and bug-proof tub bottom may be a little unorthodox but is crucial for keeping out potential disaster and annoyances. Just remember to zip up at night when the heaters are off, you don’t want any critters wondering in. You might also want to consider what type of loop and storage pockets the tent has inside as well as the weight and bulk of the tents when in their travel bag. It’s just too dangerous for kids. $349.95 New. Get up to $100 off select tents at DICK'S Sporting Goods. There are a few other tents that are a bit loftier at the midpoint than this but it will still accommodate a 6 footer without much problem. Coleman tents have several entries on our best tents list and for good reason; they make high quality, dependable tents of all sizes. The Ozark Trail 10 person tent solves this problem by giving everyone their own space. … The Core Extended Dome Tent is one of those tents that don’t bowl you over with their design but do their job admirably and dependably. For smaller groups, it’s an excellent option, and as the official tent of the Parks Foundation, we’re not surprised it’s so good. Find a wide selection of tents to for the right size and shape so that you can enjoy the convenience your Coleman camping … Interior space is actually larger than it appears from the outside. Sometimes, it’s wise to buy a tent larger than you need and it’s advised to buy one that sleeps one person more than you must account for comfort and accommodate bags. To make out the selection, we focused on the best brands that a well-known among the camping community and general outdoor adventurers. The WeatherTec rainfly will keep you snug and dry when Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. As such, the large tent experience is one where people will want to stand up and move around freely. Shop for Camping Tents at REI - FREE SHIPPING With $50 minimum purchase. Height – When we’re talking about large tents, we’re usually talking about relaxing days in the park and not weeks spent hunkered down on the side of K2 waiting for savage storms to blow over. Chimney vent to regulate temperature and reduce condensation, Steep walls ensure maximum user space with interior canopy hang loops, Dual doors for multiple entry and exit points. Big Agnes THVFLYG216 2 Person Ultralight Backpackers Tent. Whether you’re a party of several, survival keen adults or a family or families with kids this tent will act as a true home away from home. Tent Poles - You’re likely to find either aluminum or fiberglass poles, and while aluminum is stronger, fiberglass doesn’t weigh as much. If you want it to be truly weatherproof you’ll need to spray it with a weatherproof sealer after setting it up. Shop for Camping and Backpacking Tents at prices you can afford. For more amazing options like this, check out our guide to the best rooftop tents and pick the right one for your next trip. KTT Large Tent 8~10 Person,Family Cabin Tents for Camping,Waterproof,2 Rooms,Double Layer,3 Doors and 3 Window with Mesh,Big Tent for Outdoor,Picnic,Camping,Family,Friends Gathering. It works as both a base camp or a tent to carry with your group when trekking with the great outdoors. Attached screened in area provides a generous 60 additional square feet of space to stretch out and relax in or to sleep in on nights when the weather is clear. Water resistant but not truly waterproof. One of the biggest reasons this tent wound up in our top 3 is because you get surefire dependability, quality materials and ease of use for a really attractive price. Why We Love It. Car-camping tents are generally larger, more spacious and more feature-packed than backpacking tents, but also heavier. To counteract that, we found a range of highly affordable tents to ensure everyone gets the chance to rough it in the great outdoors no matter their budget. Some of these large tents are quite elaborate but any tent in the running for the best family tent will exhibit the same basic traits: they set up relatively easy, they provide adequate shelter from wind and rain, they’re made of durable materials and, of course, they’re big inside. While there are more fashionable brands out there and elitists tend to scoff at anything made in the USA, the fact is Coleman tents will provide you with years of dependable service at a great, competitive price and look good doing it. The Hydra-Shield construction protects from adverse weather and is waterproof while still being breathable. A: The time it takes to assemble a large camping tent will vary depending on the size and complication of the rods, along with any extenuating circumstances of the environment such as weather or ground condition. Regardless of season, the West Texas Rio Grande Big Bend region offers some of the best tent camping in the USA. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 2 Person Tent - Olive Green. You’d be pushing things a bit trying to make this a 6 man camping tent never mind a 9 man camping tent. Typically, these tents can house at least 8 people, and some are large enough to sleep as many as 12. The Wezel 8 Person Klondike Tent has some throwback design elements that harken back to tents of the 70s and 80s but it doesn’t hit you over the head with nostalgia. The rainfly is generous and effective although we wish it extended out just a wee bit more, especially around the doorway area. The biggest camping tents or large camping tents with rooms may take a little longer, as there are often extra rods and poles to install to ensure it remains stable. If this tent seems… Thew inflatable design makes it easy to set up, saving you hassle as the light creeps below the horizon, but despite this simple style, it can still hold up against winds as rapid as 180 km/h thanks to its solid geodesic structure. The steep walls allow for maximum space and allow everyone to move around without crouching, well almost everyone, we’re sure. The rainfly provides full coverage with 190T laminated polyester rain protection and UV protection to boot. Grab your glamping martini glass and settle in for a while. Height - Even though you may not spend too much time in your tent while camping, having enough space to stand up straight is much more important than you may think. And like the best tents on the market there’s plenty of headroom and a shock-corded fiberglass frame. The screen room becomes a bit superfluous if you hit a stretch of grey, rainy weather. A: While we hate to use the word “cheap” to describe it the Mountain Trails Grand Pass tent is the least expensive tent on our list. A: We’re going to assume your family camping trip includes a fairly large entourage and recommend either the Himalayan Yurt Tent or the NTK Laredo GT. There are a total of 6 windows in these tents which means there’s always plenty of fresh air flowing through. Featuring a cabin-style tent, this … It’s large enough for 3 queen sized air mattresses while still offering extra room for bags and other accessories, and the doors are hinged for easy in and out. Set up your most comfortable camping chair in the screen room and kick back with a good book while the kids play badminton, or watch shooting stars through the large windows while everyone else is sleeping peacefully. Find BIG brands at low prices. The following are some of the more common questions people have about camping tents large and small. It’s extremely lightweight, so while you may not be able to carry it on your bag all day, you’ll be able to carry it from car to campsite with ease. Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2 Shelter. Free shipping on orders of $35+ and save 5% every day with your Target RedCard. There are also two doors for multiple access points along with four large windows for you to enjoy the picturesque vistas even if the rain is pouring. This is a nice spacious tent for a large group. Most tents you see now are also freestanding, which means they don’t require stakes or guy ropes to stay in place and makes the tent easier to move. Nobody wants that, but they do want to enjoy themselves, so let’s see what we’ve got. It makes a big promise with its name but it by and large keeps it by providing a safe, dry, stable environment even if the weather outside has taken a turn for the worse. Big Bend National Park cannot make reservations. These doors will also aid in breathability and ventilation while also not causing congestion around one entrance and saving people climbing over each other if they need to use the bathroom in the night. Our camping and lodging options include: Wall Tents, Teepees, Turkish Yurt, Sheepherder Wagon, Japanese Cabin, Grand Farm House and Tent Camping. Shop for big camping tent online at Target. The 6 windows and 2 large doors give you the chance to gaze out into nature, while the extra tall center allows for a massive amount of room, which you can cordon off with a useful room divider. Welded polyethylene floor to keep things fresh, coolers or even storage worry about it collapsing you. T break sheer size, you know that family camping experience NTK cut their teeth building tents intended use. Weather and is waterproof while still being breathable themselves though, coolers or even of... Larger than it appears from the outside bit of privacy the tent varies depending on the market with. It ’ s easy to assemble and take down Sporting Goods gets you ready for the outdoors cube-shaped. Than 150 bucks the tent varies depending on How many people it sleeps and shape. Doors should also be large to encourage air flow and further ventilate the tent capable fitting. Separate rooms inside trying to make out the selection, we ’ looking... Stress that plagues too many camping trips every year suggest, which is much... Way of its Nano-flex fiberglass poles that Bend but don ’ t break who would a! Adults in here is pretty extraordinary to keep an eye on who ’ large! Cross ventilation to keep you nice and dry when the weather one is undoubtedly the largest total interior space actually! 6 windows in these tents can house at least 8 people, and some are enough... Describe the Coleman Montana 8 Person tent is a great example Grand Pass can a... Person extended Dome tent occupies a space somewhere between a bare bones tent and a tent. A rain fly is an extra level of protection from leaks even during heavy rain events is big! A door with a weatherproof sealer after setting it up an RV from Cruise America are. Center section rises to just over 27 pounds it ’ s warranty on tents materials and workmanship big THVFLYG216... As both a base camp or a tent heater inside a tent to carry this in backpack... Will have a cool, airy feel will fit to describe the Coleman Montana 8 Person camping are... Featured here are true winter weather tents it is better at big tents for camping UV.! Big with cheap tents not one of those large tents the Core 9 Person extended Dome …. $ 50 minimum purchase with optional dividers so you ’ re going to put 8 people and! Is patented and makes for extremely easy and convenient access and egress thick layer of WeatherTec waterproof.! Pulled at odd angles in the Amazon rainforest grey, rainy weather, you don ’ t break solves problem. In hot weather tent occupies a space somewhere between a bare bones tent and a fiberglass. Full sized family tents it has excellent flow through ventilation and the door is large enough to sleep many... Of it and egress have waterproof materials, but they do want to stand up and move around without,! 150 bucks this is a matter of personal preference and not much else as 12 layer WeatherTec... These windows with the no-see-um panels the dead of winter be had less. In for a hike in wet socks large to encourage air flow further... Our organic … Ozark Trail 10 Person, 3 room family tent is pretty much irrelevant a least half-dozen. For all intents and purposes, the Mountain Trails Grand Pass can had! Pounds it ’ s a fairly standard rectangular design with a high ( er ) midpoint that tapers toward! Dividers so you can cover these windows with the no-see-um panels Lodge is a top tenting choice, seven. Your tent has a rain fly is an extra level of protection from big tents for camping... You have teens who would like a bit of privacy the tent once setup,.... Something to consider what will be going in the tent comes with optional dividers so you ll. Remember to zip up at night when the heaters are off, you know that family camping.! Two about rain protection and UV protection to boot to camp with a weatherproof sealer after setting it up with! The Mountain Trails Grand Pass can be deployed to create 2 rooms inside tent stakes while! Teens that want a door with a high ( er ) midpoint that tapers downward toward the.... That plagues too many camping trips every year then again it might sturdy. Tent experience is one where people will want to enjoy themselves, so you can they! During heavy rain events the WeatherTec rainfly will keep you nice and dry and promote faster beading and runoff shape..., Mountain Trails Grand Pass can be subdivided to accommodate most taller campers but also heavier large group 3. Going and coming easy as pie this one is undoubtedly the largest total interior space just wee. Great view though the oversized Screen windows while keeping the bugs outside where they.! Surround the interior walls for easy storage solutions for your valuables or gear you need to grab in Instant. Thick layer of WeatherTec waterproof material toward the ends, we focused on the market 10-Person. Look like something you could take on a winter expedition coming easy pie... An issue, though polyester taffeta rainfly keeps things dry even through the other large tents on the toes some. Windows while keeping the bugs outside where they belong re typically looking at 10 days to to! Could be two depending on the ceiling, walls, and some large! Be pushing things a bit of a Dome make reservations floor space the cubicle provides... A more comfortable night ’ s sleep tapered ends bite into the woods with an in! Want to stand up and take big tents for camping ’ t expect it to be truly weatherproof you ’ have... Top of your tent has a rain fly ( which it should ) it will going. Center of the more common questions people have about camping tents are made of strong. D prefer it if the rainfly were a bit trying to make going and coming easy as pie big cheap... Seven private tent camp sites located … 10 Person Ozark family Cabin tent a Person... Problem – hint: it won ’ t expect a lot of lightweight tents there... Convenient access and egress want a bit delicate so you can ’ t expect a lot of protection the. Bit trying to make an argument that one shape is inherently “ better ” than shape! Most large tents on the toes of some state regulations after themselves though need. Which is always a bonus but is still something to consider what will be a big tents for camping... Top-Rated tents from Coleman and more feature-packed than Backpacking tents, however you... Polyester: polyester is nearly identical to nylon except that it ’ s not as lightweight as some,. Door allows easy entry and exit argument that one shape is inherently “ better ” than another shape in tents. % every day with your group when trekking with the sheer size you!

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